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January 2, 2012
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Ash - Ink by NeroCavargini Ash - Ink by NeroCavargini
Fan Art of the character Ashley Williams, from Mass Effect 3

I wanted to represent Ash more like a marine (which she is in fact) rather than the glam version appeared on the Images from the game, that will be released in March (I can't wait :D)

I've realized this artwork as a gift card for my best friends, Giulio and Luca, on a break from my job, so I could do only pencil and ink (In addition I tried to create a more exaggerated anatomy and an inking more marked and "american", with FX made ​​with the india ink on the BKG). On the next break maybe I will color it...
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Pyroantiform Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Davvero spettacolare Sensei! sempre di Mass Effect?
NeroCavargini Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Grazie mille ^_^

Si sempre di Mass Effect... La mia versione di un personaggio che tornerÓ nell'ultimo episodio della saga
LukeTheChosenOne Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Sempre magnifico, Maestro! :la:
NeroCavargini Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Grazie mille mio padawan! :D
captdensmore173 Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2012
Wow this is great ink work.

I hate Ashley. I'll be honest I had my Shepard sleep (my reasoning is he respected Liara too much to just bang her, and felt Ashley was the better hit-it-and-quit-it-action) with her in ME1 and left Kaiden to die, and I really regret it. She's religious and xenophobic. And you know what really peeves me about her going into my primary Shepards save for ME3? She's going to be a spectre. The audacity that that racist, poetry-spewing bitch could be on the same galactic rank as me just blows my mind. If I get a chance to leave her behind to die in another nuclear blast, I will not hesitate.
MadeNightwing Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2012
Wow...this is hated her for being religious? She mentions she believes in God a few times (good on BioWare for noting that religion will still be alive and well in the future) and that makes her some kind of zealot (which she specifically states she is not) And xenophobic? Dude, when the turians attacked humans in the first contact war, they intended to conquer and subjugate them. If I was Ash, I'd still be a little concerned about other species intentions. It's an old sci-fi saying, they won't think like us, we won't know what seems right or wrong or logical to them, so we better keep our eyes open. Poetry spewing? That's a bad thing? A character has a few unique traits and you hate them for it?

And you're pissed off that she'll be a Spectre. Good news, buddy, the beta leak confirmed that she's also been promoted to Alliance Lieutenant Commander, so she'll have the same military rank as Shepard as well. Nice to see what a mellow and mature person you are.
captdensmore173 Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2012
There's a difference between being aware and avoiding naivete and being unfairly prejudiced. Ashley and several other humans cross that line. The "zoo animal" comments are what make that apparent. And frankly, I don't think you can say that about the Turians in the First Contact War. They were quite efficient and ruthless tactically, but there intentions weren't to subjugate or conquer humans. We were seen as a new alien that was extremely aggressive. They only responded as the military protectors of the citadel community likely would. They weren't trying to enslave us or anything. That's Batarians bro. And I'd be cool if it was deep or symbolically relevant poetry, like Shakespeare or some quality classic American poetry. But all she's got is "O Captain, my Captain". And the way she brings it up in conversation is just so cheesy. And in regards to the religion thing, of course its alive and well. Bioware brings it up in more than just the christian Ash. Each alien race has spiritual practices that are compared to human religions. But it's the fact that christian character is the racist one stands out to me as more than just a coincidence in Bioware's story-telling (And man I love telling her off in ME1 when she beings up heaven). Also, Lieutenant Commander is still one rank below Commander. I'm actually now looking forward to her being a Spectre, cuz that just gives me another thing to trash her about (hoping for lines like: "You're not Spectre material" or "This is how a REAL spectre does things.")

And btw, you don't need to be a dick to me because of my opinion of a FICTIONAL character. I'm glad to hear you're opinion of the game bro. No need to be cranky
MadeNightwing Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2012
She's not racist. Her writer SAYS she's not racist, she was specifically written to be a representation of the more nationalistic mindset that most of humanity would probably adopt if we ever encountered aliens. Working with them's fine, living in harmony is even better, but don't tie your economic or military interests to them, it'll end badly. Kind of the way the US getting into an economic bed with China is going to major backfire in a few years.

Check the Wiki, dude. Turian military strategy if they deem a race a threat is to attack it, conquer it, and enlist it as a client race in the Hierarchy. There are plenty of species that they've already done this to. The volus are an example of a volunteer client race. They were trying to completely eliminate humanity as a threat. They bombed Shanxi into rubble because they thought it was humanity's homeworld. More than enough reason to be careful when dealing with them.

You do know that 'O Captain, My Captain' is a poem written about Abraham Lincoln? How he guided the North through the Civil War, only to die at the end of the 'journey'. And choosing Tennyson's 'Ulysses' as her favourite was a good pick, considering its message about mortals struggling against odds imposed on them by the immortals.

Since Ash isn't racist, that's a moot point.

Check again, the Alliance officer ranks in that bracket go 'Staff Lieutenant, Lieutenant Commander, Staff Commander, Major'. Since nobody calls Shepard 'Staff Commander', and 'Commander' is a usual abrieviation for 'Lieutenant Commander', then yeah, she's the same rank as Shepard.

Of course, you could always try exploring her character, giving her some encouragement, and generally fulfilling the character's potential. But that would mean actually trying something new in your gaming experience, wouldn't it?

On the contrary, you came onto an Ashley picture and loudly proclaimed how much you hated the character. Did you have an urgent and important reason for doing so? Did the artist say something that you needed to dispute? No? Then you posted for the sole purpose of being unpleasant. In most societies, that is considered being a troll and a dick. Good day to you sir :D
captdensmore173 Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2012
Because the writer SAYS she's not a racist does not mean she cannot be taken as such. Several people agree with the argument that she is overly xenophobic. I do not dispute that her character is necessary to the plot of ME1, representing the more conservative pessimistic view of aliens to contrast with Kaiden's more liberal optimistic view of them. But I do feel that she's a bigot because of her family ties to the First Contact War.

Claiming Ash isn't a racist does not make it a moot point anymore than I claiming the opposite.

Yes I know the backgrounds of 'O Captain' and 'Ulysses'. I took Advanced Literature too pal. And I feel that both are overused and have become cliche in modern fiction. In fact, I don't even have as much of a problem with the poetry and have respect for them as classic American Literature, I just didn't feel the way her appreciation for poetry felt genuine in the way it was incorporated into conversation. It came off as cheesy and forced. Of course I realize that it's difficult for game developers to tell compelling stories through videogames, and that as good as Bioware is at it, I felt that that particular aspect could have been much better.

Shepard is ranked Staff Commander, not Lieutenant Commander. Of course no one says the full registration "Staff Commander Shepard". No one called Kaiden "Staff Lieutenant Alenko" either, just Lieutenant or LT.

I have explored her character. If you read my previous comment, you'd know that I pursued her romance in my main Shepard.

How am I trolling? How am I being a dick? To whom was I doing it too? It's not NeroCavargini, because as I've stated, I think his artwork is extremely well crafted and I appreciate his depiction of the character. All I did was express my own opinion on the character, hoping to spark a conversation. Instead I get you. The internet douche who felt he needed to get uppity and ass hurt because someone who he's never met posted an opinion that differed from his own in regards to a FICTIONAL CHARACTER. If you wanted to discuss your opinions about the game, that'd be one thing. You decided to be an asshole and try to treat me like one. The only troll I can find is you.

And ending a comment with "Good day to you sir" does not make it sound like you won an argument. It just makes you sound more like a pompous idiot.
MadeNightwing Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2012
First off, want to apologise for calling you a dick, I say idiotic things sometimes, and since we appear to be having this argument, I'd rather it wasn't punctuated with 'douche' and 'troll'. Pompous idiot? Hardly, I was just wishing you a good day :D Just because I'm arguing with you doesn't mean we have to abandon protocol entirely.

Again, you could have simply stated 'Nice art work man, not the biggest fan of the character though'. But why go to all the trouble of saying how much you hate the character? It's just something I don't get about people who hate any character, be it Garrus, Kaidan, Tali, Liara, Miranda etc. There's no bigger indication of someone's 'uppityness' than a seeming compulsion to sneer at the character. What was the bigger part of your post? The compliment, or the expression of how much you hated Ashley? You didn't even attempt the start of a discussion, such as 'But tell me, what's your opinion of Ashley, because I thought she was just...' Instead, you stated it as fact, and in truth, that's what initially ticked me off (hence the 'dick' comment).

Not going to argue the 'cheesy, forced' thing, as that's just your interpretation. (Although I cannot remember seeing Ulysses and O Captain being used anywhere else, so I don't see why they're cliched, and Ulysses isn't American Literature, Tennyson was a Brit)

Nope, Casey Hudson confirmed on Twitter that Shepard was a Lieutenant Commander at the time of ME1 and never got a chance to be promoted. (Although you can ignore that point, since I'd never be able to find that specific tweet again to back it up) In addition, in all the time of ME1, you'd think that Shepard would be referred to as 'Staff Commander' just once. Kaidan gets referred to as Staff Commander by Anderson, so it's not like it's always abbreviated.

I'll concede that some aspects of her character can be left to interpretation, but the fact that she isn't a racist or a bigot is as central and fixed to her character as calibrations are to Garrus. Chris, her writer, actually wrote a page length post on the subject, which I can find for you if need be. But from in game, she doesn't hold with the isolationist, anti-alien views of Terra Firma, considering them jackals. She despises Cerberus, a pro-human group. She says to Tali 'I hope that this mission will help change people's minds about the quarians', after Tali asks about human culture and confesses some admiration for the Marines (And indeed, if BioWare had included squad-to-squad storylines like in KOTOR, we probably would have seen a more big-little sister raport between the two of them) Ash admits an admiration for the kind of technology and architechture that the asari possess (Destiny Ascension). Would you expect any of this behaviour from someone who's bigoted against those people?

The only moment in the game where people can make the mistake that she's racist is the bit where she admits that she's suspicious of Garrus and Wrex. Let's remember her position here, she's a senior NCO on a highly advanced warship. Since we don't see any other characters resembling that, for argument's sake, let's say that her position has some similarities to 'Chief of the Boat', or boatswain's mate. That makes ship security one of her primary duties. And you've got Garrus, a turian ex-military officer who's intentions are anything but clear, and Wrex, a career mercenary who's just happened to pop onboard.

Now, why wouldn't she include Tali on this list of 'aliens'? Tali's working next to the engine for crying out loud. The answer is logically straightforward. Tali, she doesn't perceive as a threat, because the quarians have never fought against humanity, or taken political, military or economic action towards them. She isn't suspicious of Garrus and Wrex because they're aliens, she's suspicious because their intentions aren't clear. She has nothing against the turians, but she's got a right to be suspicious of the Turian Hierarchy. I may say that I don't like or trust the People's Republic of China, but I've got absolutely nothing against the Chinese (funny story about how I ended up acting as an impromptu tour guide, but not right now). Ash IS concerned about how alien governments treat humanity (and in ME2, we see the Council treating humanity's concerns like Sh*t), but aliens themselves she has no issue with, and frequently demonstrates this (successfully working with an STG team if you choose her, in fact, volunteering for it) The evidence just stacks up, my friend, Ash isn't a racist. This is one point that can't be interpted multiple ways. Either she is a racist, or she isn't, the writers wouldn't leave anything to doubt on a character point that central.
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